Sunday, April 17, 2011

O.M.Gosh...I am going to be on TV & there is NO time to lose 20 lbs!

I am soooo excited that I could just about jump out of my skin!

My Initials, Inc. business is going to featured in a guest segment spot of a local daytime girlfriend-style talk show, My Carolina Today!


Okay, "I'm baaaack"! 

About 2 months ago I caught the tail end of a Chey commercial that flash a VERY quick reference to blog.  That reference kept nagging at me.  Finally about 2 weeks later, I hopped onto my computer and went and looked around.  It was Nice.  Local North Carolina mom posting about how she LOVES her Chevy van and there were pictures of charity events and things she had been doing. 

I liked the whole vibe of what was going on.  So, I sent her an email.  Introduced myself and asked if she would be interested in receiving one of my Sort It All Out Bins to help her organize her life in the van.  We ALL know just how annoying it is to have things rolling around back "there" in the rear abyss.  So out went my email and off to carpool I headed for morning school duty.

That afternoon, I received a reply email from Sharon Delaney requesting that I give her a call.  Not only was she newly appointed to the chevymom blogspot, but she was also a co-host of the My Carolina Today show.  I could not call her back quick enough!  She LOVED my idea!  Additionally, she asked me how I felt about being a featured guest on My Carolina Today.

We got her bin ordered.  I had decided that in exchange for her testing and blogging about my product I would give her a bin.  It has been a  L O N G  4 week waiting for it to arrive!  I contacted her full of excitement when it arrived last Thursday because, of course, it is gorgeous!  That is when she sprang it on me...

could I come in next Tuesday for my TV segment?

So you see, I REALLY don't have time to lose 20 lbs!

WISH me well!!!!!!!

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! Watch, just'll lose that 20lbs running from party to party and lead to lead that you'll get from doing this! Way to go with the reach out!!!